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Carbon Fiber Straight Shank Lure Fishing Rod for Fishing tools

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This fishing rod is made of carbon fiber material and special carbon technology, which can improve the power, strength and accuracy of fishing. The handle is a wood-like handle, which allows the user to have a comfortable grip and is lighter.

The rod has one rod tips,allowing you to adapt to different fishing modes. Its components use circular row guide rings, as well as ergonomic high-strength carbon reel holders, and high-quality hook racks, which can be used for light rod blanks, Rod action ranges from baitcasting rods that are fast action rods to spinning rods that cover moderate, moderate fast, and fast action rods.

This rod is used for bass, trout fishing, cat fishing, walleye fishing or any freshwater fishing technique or saltwater fishing, red fish, striped bass, snooker, etc. Let you fishing all day without feeling tired, and have enough power to spare.


Material: carbon fiber

Type: Luya Rod

Color: red

Style: straight handle