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What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt

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Are you a true Scotsman?

It’s an age old question and in Scotland the notion of the “True Scotsman” has long applied to one who does not wear anything beneath his kilt.

New research by YouGov reveals that almost 40% or Scotsmen go commando under their kilts

New YouGov research reveals that nearly four in ten Scotsmen are going commando under their kilts

 Scottish sportsmen have admitted to wearing underwear and it is true thatHighland dancers and athletes are obliged by the rules of their various games to compete with underwear beneath their kilts. 



What does your average Scotsman do?

Overall, two thirds (67%) of male Scottish adults say they have worn a kilt, rising to three quarters (74%) for those born in Scotland. Of those who have worn a kilt, just over half (55%) say they tend to wear underwear under their kilts, whilst 38% go commando. A further 7% wear shorts, tights or something else.

At least this is according to the Yougov study.  From:

What do you think?

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