Can Irish People Speak Irish?

The Top 10 drinks in Ireland. Number 8 will really surprise you.

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The Irish are renowned for enjoying the good times, Irish pubs, traditional music and dance, and storytelling.

Of course, much of this goes with a drink or two. Irish whiskey and beer is consumed throughout the world but no better than enjoying your favourite tipple in an Irish Pub in Ireland. Here are the top ten drinks enjoy on the Emerald Isle.

The Fastest Reel in the West, Ireland 1972




  • going to be in Ireland Oct 22…can’t wait!

    susan benner on

  • I have only been to Ireland once and I loved every minute of it. Everywhere I was greeted by kind, generous, friendly people. In Dublin, waiting for a traffic light to change to green, someone would ask me if I needed help to find a place. Happened at every traffic light! If I could find someone to go to Ireland with, I would pack my bags immediately!!!

    Sharon Pepin on

  • I love people from Ireland and I love Ireland as a country. All my sponsors were from Ireland, one is Brendan Shannon, another one was Anne Buttler, but they disappeared any one who knows them. Can send my message that Iam grateful to them God bless the work of their hands.

    Tumuhairwe Kevina on

  • Great video and drink ideas.
    I love visiting Ireland every year except last year.
    I love the food, the people and the beautiful scenery.
    My favorite drink on a cold, rainy day is Baileys and black coffee..
    See you all in June.
    ☘️ 🇮🇪 ☘️

    Anne Reynolds on

  • Hope this video will act as a stimulant for the return of our tourist season, long overdue, and the traditional Irish pub the bedrock of Irish culture, and we all try and help our Tourist business to recover from almost 2 horrendous years, by enjoying another staycation in the Emerald isle

    John Healy on

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