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Only a Fisherman knows the feeling

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Only a Fisherman knows the feeling



Many fisherman goes to the ocean casting lure after lure catching nothing, but it is that failure that gives you experience.


Shore fishing is something that doesn't require an investment in engines, gas or expenses associated with boating. But, it can be as productive as fishing from a $60,000 center console. A lot of us that have boats should consider spending more of our time with our angling feet on the ground.

Study people fishing on the beach, a sea wall, or a dock, and you see a common thread: they are all trying to outcast each other. Some are better than others, and some equipment proves to be better suited to long-distance casts.

There are some anglers who are starting to use kites to extend our reach from the beach. There certainly are times when the fish are far from where you're standing. But, before you learn to reach the fish that are one hundred feet or yards away, learn about the ones underneath where you are standing.


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