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Old Head Kinsale, County Cork

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The Old Head of Kinsale is a headland near Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. A castle has been on the headland since at least the 3rd century, with the current iteration built in 1223.

An early lighthouse was established here in the 17th century by Robert Reading. Wikipedia


The Old Head Castle is made up of a long wall with several towers along it, which closes off the headland of the Old Head from the rest of the mainland. It is reported to have been built around the 3rd century AD by the Irish chieftain Cearmna. It was originally named Dún Cearmna (Cearmna's fort). The land was given to Milo de Cogan by King Henry II.[3]


The Old Head of Kinsale is a narrow headland that stretches about 4.5 km into the Celtic Sea. It is flanked by steep cliffs and a magnificent lighthouse is located on its southern tip. An idyll that especially pleases golfers, because the headland is completely owned by a renowned golf club and therefore inaccessible to non-golfing visitors.

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