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How do you make Irish soda bread rise more?

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How do you make Irish soda bread rise more?

Why is my soda bread flat?

Did your soda bread come out a bit flat and you are not entirely happy with it’s look and would want it to rise more? Maybe we can help you with this issue in this article.

How do you make Irish soda bread rise more?

The main issues could be the heat, not enough liquid or it could also be that you added too much water.

Make sure that your bread is fully heated by the time the bread is ready to bake because the acid from the buttermilk starts reacting with the baking soda as soon as they mix, creating little air bubbles that need the heat of the oven to expand and make the bread rise.

It might also be that you have added too much baking powder, baking soda or that you used self-rising flour.  Make sure to double check your recipe. If your bread's texture is dry: You might have added too much baking soda, too little liquid or not baked it at high enough temperature.

Why does my soda bread not cook in the middle?

The reason why your soda bread isn't cooking properly is very often  that your oven isn't calibrated correctly. Check your oven  or adjust your temperature with the next try until you get it right. Baking is as much an art as it is a science.

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For the perfect Irish Soda Bread, you don’t just need a recipe, love, care and attention but also a great Irish Soda Bread Dish..


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