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Fire Juggling O’Connell Street, Limerick City Centre

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O’Connell Street (Irish: Sráid Uí Chonaill) is the main thoroughfare of the city of Limerick. It was previously known as George’s Street until it was renamed after Daniel O’Connell. The street runs in parallel to the River Shannon and forms part of an overall thoroughfare, along with Rutland Street and Patrick Street, that bisects Limerick City Centre in a north east to south west direction.

The street is about a mile in length, starting at the Arthurs Quay / Denmark Street junction and ending at The Crescent. A monument to Daniel O’Connell stands at the centre of The Crescent overlooking O’Connell Street. The street is noted for its Georgian architectural heritage. Retail outlets on O’Connell Street include Brown Thomas, Debenhams and Penneys, while O’Mahoney’s have a large bookstore there. The George Hotel is also located on the street, which also acts as a regional financial services centre with a number of large retail banking operations, including Bank of Ireland, AIB, Ulster Bank and KBC Bank.

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