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Does Joe Biden have Irish Roots and what are they?

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How many US Presidents can trace their roots back to Ireland?

23 US Presidents can trace their roots back to Ireland, including the current President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Probably the most famous US President with Irish roots is  John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President (1961-63). JFK great-grandparents were from Limerick, Wexford, Cork, Clare and Fermanagh

The most well-known Irish-American president, JFK was also the first to visit Ireland while still in office and the first Roman Catholic to be elected president.

 What are Joe Biden’s Irish Roots?


President Biden can trace his Irish roots back to both the Blewitts from Co Mayo and the Finnegans from Co Louth. President Biden’s great-great grandfather Patrick Blewitt was born in Ballina, Co Mayo, in 1832.

Celebrations in Joe Biden's ancestral Irish hometown

Biden is among some 32 million Americans with Irish heritage, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

In 2016, he brought his children and grandchildren on an official trip to Ireland to learn about their roots, which also includes family on the east coast in County Louth.


Have you traced your Irish Roots?




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