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Does it really rain a lot in Ireland?

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How much does it really rain in Ireland?

Let’s be honest, it would be advisable to take the right clothes and also an umbrella when visiting Ireland. Ireland is not known as the Emerald Isle for no reason, the constant lush green landscape needs a lot of water.



 When measured as more than 1mm of rainfall a day, the average rainfall in the South and East of the Country is about 150 days of rain a year, while the West Coast gets about 225 days a year. As you can see Ireland will get rain throughout the year,

The ancient Romans called Ireland the “Land of Eternal Winter” (or Hibernia) because of it. 

However, while there can be wet days, it doesn’t rain all the time and you can also encounter glorious weather in Ireland! One of the joys of the country is that you can experience all the seasons in a day, so it helps to be prepared! 

Fortunately Ireland and all of its attraction can be enjoyed almost any day of the year as the weather would rarely be extreme.

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  • My wish is to come again for a longer holiday asa week is not enough. When it will be possible I have in mind to program a journey to visit the North as well.

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